The Rise of Hot Desking


March 9, 2016

2 thoughts on “The Rise of Hot Desking

  1. We’ve recently started hot-desking in our office and have found it really beneficial in creating a more social and enjoyable working environment.

    We’ve solved the problem of hygiene that many are concern about then hot-desking by giving each member of staff their own wireless keyboard and mouse. Even with hot-desking people do tend to get settled in certain seats but we’re working on a solution to that with an app that randomly selects your seat on a daily basis. We’ve found that the lack of dedicated space doesn’t make people feel more isolated but instead more social as hot-desking allows them to interact with other staff members more often who previously sat at the opposite end of the office. Here are some other articles that you may find useful; and

  2. I like the idea of having a hybrid office, or an office that has a hotdesk layout with a few quiet working stations. I personally like the open office layouts. They are normally brighter and I feel like there is more energy in those offices. However, sometimes I need to be able to concentrate, so it would be nice to have the division for when I need it.

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